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Media Releases

Media Releases by Lithium Werks

  March 14, 2022      Reliance New Energy Limited acquires assets of Lithium Werks
  August 4, 2021     Lithium Werks announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder
  and Electrode production facility
  May 3, 2021
    New American Office in Round Rock, TX
  April 12, 2021      LFP Lithium Batteries Live Longer than NMC (Blog post from One Charge)
  December 11, 2020     Lithium Werks Achieves IATF 16949 and Renews ISO 9001
  November 20, 2020     Lithium Werks Power Cell Manufacturing Continues to Grow
  September 16, 2020     Lithium Werks to Sell Nanophosphate Cathode Powder to Lithium Battery Producers
  September 15, 2020     Lithium Werks enhances Medical and Healthcare business unit
  February 19, 2020     LFP or NMC Lithium battery?
  February 9, 2020     Fully Charged: Can batteries really be ethical, recyclable & sustainable
  April 1, 2019     Phosphates Versus Layered Oxides
  March 1, 2019     Innovative Mobile Energy Storage Solutions
  July 18, 2018     Cobalt-free Lithium Ion Batteries
  March 26, 2018     Lithium Werks Acquires Industrial Business of A123 Systems